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Startup@ARTPARK Ignite is a high-touch venture-building program for deep-tech startups in robotics, autonomous systems and artificial intelligence. With the aim of fostering innovation for impact, the 6-24 month program helps academic teams and early-stage startups with critical enablers to accelerate the development and commercialisation of potentially high-growth startups.

Who can apply?

Academic/student teams and early-stage teams/startups with promising research/technology/product

What to expect?

🔹 Funding
🔹 Incubation and acceleration support for 6-24 months
🔹 Mentorship from ARTPARK@IISc and its network
🔹 Exclusive prototyping and testing facilities
🔹 Opportunities to interact with government, industry, investment, and social impact ecosystems

Know more: bit.ly/KnowMoreIgnite2023

Apply here: bit.ly/applytoignite2023 

Applications open till Aug 27th, 2023 


Gati Robotics

Gati Robotics develops high-quality robotic components, or the “building blocks” of robotics solutions in India, from the ground up. The solutions are indigenously designed and locally sourced, thus expanding the ways in which automation can provide effective solutions.


VayDyn aims to revolutionize the drone ecosystem in India by building AI-Based autonomous drone platforms for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) which have the potential to be retrofitted in any UAV. The solution comprises the hardware, software, analytics and visualization built on hardware accelerated on-board AI (vision and task-based).


AlgoFET brings true autonomy to drone operations with a Charging Management Infrastructure to manage energy storage for unmanned vehicles. AlgoFET’s solutions are cost-effective, retrofittable, scalable and reliable; and foster the possibility of 24X7 operations of unmanned vehicles.

Comrado Aerospace

Comrado Aerospace democratizes air transportation by enabling autonomous flying through sustainable, accessible and affordable solutions. The solutions are designed to make same-day/next-day cargo delivery a reality by using advanced propulsion systems with automated solutions for ultra-long-range transportation.

Chirathe Robotics

Chirathe Robotics (named after ‘leopard’) aims to develop highly agile robots that can navigate on rough and uneven terrains effortlessly. Chirathe’s solutions fuel the possibilities of highly agile and intelligent robots that can operate with mobility capabilities similar to that of animals.