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A partnership program for deep-tech startups to leverage ARTPARK’s networks with academia, industry and the government.

Who can apply?

Anyone looking to scale up their deep-tech startup.

What to expect?

- Access to IISc and ARTPARK’s partner institutions, companies, government agencies

- Access to ARTPARK’s facilities, testbeds and data

- Collaborative partners for projects, grants and initiatives

- Access to talent- including student fellows

- Opportunity to participate in ARTPARK’s and industry events


Acceleration Robotics

Acceleration Robotics designs customized hardware, or “brains”, that speed up a robot’s operation. They create custom compute architectures for high-performance robots through hardware acceleration solutions (CPU, FPGAs, GPUs and combinations).

Niral Networks

Niral Networks offers a cloud-native 5G networking platform using an open Network Operating System, NiralOS, for enterprises. They enable easy integration with third-party Edge applications, centralized management, and reduced total ownership cost.

Dreamfly Innovations

Dreamfly Innovations aims to deliver the safest, most lightweight and highest quality Electric-aviation batteries in the market. Their portfolio includes customized Batteries, customized BMS and Battery heating systems in any form, size and power for Drones, Electric planes and Aerospace applications.

Flextron EV

Flextron EV aims to elevate the EV charging ecosystem in India through cutting-edge technology. The residential, commercial, and fast charging stations are widely compatible, built on open standards & designed to be accessible to everyone.


STEMpedia equips K12 students with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century, such as coding, artificial intelligence, and robotics. To do this, STEMpedia has developed a comprehensive, student-oriented ecosystem that includes PictoBlox (a programming software), Quarky (hardware kits), curriculum, and teacher upskilling programs.

The Innovation Story

The Innovation Story (TIS) is an ed-tech organization whose mission is to empower students with Future-of-Work skills and transform them into passionate innovators through experiential learning. The students build a strong foundation of information technology tools through various courses in programming, robotics, AI, and allied domains.

Banyan Intelligence

Banyan Intelligence is developing AI, blockchain, and 5G technology to aggregate and optimize wireless bandwidth supply and demand.


UAVIO aims to revolutionise airborne data acquisition and visual analytics with intelligent autonomous sUAS platforms designed for commercial, defence and public safety applications. The drones are the product of years of dedicated AI and Aerial Autonomy research, boasting advanced AI and autonomous vision-based navigation capabilities that make them ideal for deployment in even the most demanding environments, with limited operator oversight.


Zenteiq aims to build a society of skilled professionals through a global standard technical education curriculum. The organization empowers its users to leverage on AI-driven content and methodologies for a unique blended learning experience.