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Data for Machines and Human Interface

ARTPARK and IISc, along with partners, are working to create language data and AI that understands all Indians, so that Digital India is inclusive.

Imagine more and more people around you start speaking a new language you do not understand, and increasingly, they find it difficult to understand you too. How would you feel? Do you have to abandon the language you have been speaking all your life to be a part of the community again?

As essential services become digitized, there is a danger of hundreds of millions who are neither English speakers nor “digital natives” not being included.

Our Initiatives

SYSPIN - SYnthesizing SPeech in INdian languages

RESPIN - Speech Recognition in Agriculture and Finance for the Poor in India

Project VAANI - Capturing the true diversity of India’s spoken languages to propel language AI technologies and content for an inclusive Digital India

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