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Reimagine Health Journeys

Reimagined Health Journeys are experiences we dream of providing our health workers, our health professionals, and above all, our citizens.
These comic strips – each a story for 2030 – describing what success looks and feels like are tools for collective brainstorming and goal-setting.
Enjoy these vignettes from 2030!

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National system for gold-standard data (MIDAS)

National initiative for health research data with IISc and ICMR to create gold-standard datasets representing India’s diversity.
Aims at improving access to, and effectiveness of, Medical Imaging in screenings and diagnostics to assist healthcare professionals.

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One Health & Pandemic Prevention data and modeling

One Health Initiative is focussed towards studying animal, human and environmental health together, in order to better understand the interlink and build predictive models using artificial intelligence for pandemic prevention. The initiative was started to strengthen systems and assist healthcare policy makers with swift and specific decision making. “