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ROSCon India ’23

ROSCon India ’23

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural edition of ROSCon India, a pioneering initiative co-hosted by Acceleration Robotics, RigBetel Labs and powered by ARTPARK at IISc. ROSCon India is an exceptional platform aimed at fostering collaboration, learning, and innovation within the field of robotics, particularly focusing on the Robot Operating System (ROS).

ROSCon India stands as a remarkable opportunity for researchers, developers, and robotics enthusiasts to converge, interact, and exchange their insights, ideas, and experiences related to ROS. The conference serves as a vibrant forum – catering to students, researchers, and industry professionals in the robotics field– enabling them to immerse themselves in a profound two-day exploration of the ROS ecosystem.

The origin of ROSCon dates back to 2012.  Since then, this conference has evolved into a prominent global event, attracting participants from various corners of the world. With each passing year, ROSCon has evolved, consistently showcasing cutting-edge developments, applications, and best practices in the realm of robotics driven by ROS.

ROSCon India 2023 is poised to become a significant milestone in the journey of robotics and technology in India. Through commitment to innovation and collaboration, this conference promises to ignite the spirit of exploration, creativity, and progress within the ROS community. Join us in this endeavor as we pave the way for a future where robotics, fueled by ROS, transforms the way we perceive and interact with technology.

Please contact competition@artpark.in for any queries.